Cut-off time for same day order (selected merchants only) is at 10:00AM daily.


HALAL WITH HEW was created in 2018. Back then, it was just a casual outlet for my wife and I to share our travel journeys to try halal foods. As a Muslim revert, searching for only halal options can be quite limited at times. However, I found the treasure trove of all halal foods - on Instagram. Hundreds of Halal Home-Based Businesses can be found there but there's only so much I can find and order from. It became a hassle because browsing for the perfect food item and seller can be time-consuming. That's how HALAL WITH HEW launched.

We didn't want to miss out any halal home-based cooks and bakers, so this platform allows their menu to be seen all at once with a few taps on the screen. Our goal is to make it easier for the consumers to find halal home-based businesses easily, as well as helping these humble businesses grow from the comforts of their home.